Shared Marist Life

Eighteen Marists gathered at the Montagne Centre in Melbourne on Saturday, 26th February 2011 to share our understandings of Shared Marist Life today. I offered a presentation outlining a brief history of Marist Partnership. This can be accessed here.

Sydney ParticipantsChris McCabe and Jim Salmon

Towards the middle of the day, a link was established through video conferencing with a similar meeting taking place at Drummoyne in Sydney. The two groups shared their experiences.  Sharon and Carmel, representing the Lismore group, explained how Marist hospitality, service and spirituality take place at Lismore. Nathan from Canberra informed us of the young Marists' group he leads there. He emphasized the importance of the mentoring of these young people. 'Sometimes they just want a nudge' he explained.  Rob Tarraron spoke of the Gippsland group involving Marists from Traralgon, Sale and Warragul. This group is working with the Sudanese people, some of whom attend local Marist schools. Gail Coates then spoke about the process being established in Melbourne to discuss 'Gathered around the Same Table'. Twenty two people have indicated their interest in being involved. Finally Chris McCabe spoke about their project with the indigenous students from Port Augusta in South Australia.

The resolutions of the day focused on

  1. The idea of having groups of 3, 15 and 60 meeting for specific purposes
  2. Participating in clarifying the vision, with the possibility of another get together
  3. Afgani men in detention at Broadmeadows being one focus for our ministry

We thanked Joe McCarthy for organising the day.

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