All in Aust Marist Community

The love of God is inspiring.  I find it hard to fathom the depths with which God loves us and the fact that God loves us the way we are!  It amazes me just how God can be with us as life unfolds.  On any particular day, we have intentions about what we are planning to do, or with whom we are intending to speak.  Sometimes our day looks quite different in the morning to what it turns out to be in reality. God is flexible!

Participants at this Lay Marist Gathering come from four regions or administrative units - Melanesia, New Zealand, the Sydney Province and the Melbourne Province. Time today was spent in reflecting on the different ways each unit animates its lay Marist involvement.

Towards the middle of the day, a link was established through video conferencing with a similar meeting taking place at Drummoyne in Sydney. The two groups shared their experiences.  Sharon and Carmel, representing the Lismore group, explained how Marist hospitality, service and spirituality take place at Lismore.