We began this day with prayer in the meeting room at the Marist residence and then broke into small groups to share some of our significant thoughts of the last few days. These simple conversations served to draw out many deep understandings about Marcellin, Marist life and our own call to share in the journey. It was obvious that whilst we had been visiting and shopping and learning, our hearts had been open and we had allowed them to be touched by the spirit by new revelations that were grounded in earthly experience. There emerged a common, yet unspoken understanding that we were also travelling in our spiritual experience.

We thanked our French Marist hosts by presenting them with an Aboriginal Message Stick made from glass and bearing symbols that celebrated the travelling of two tribes and the gathering together around a campfire to speak.

Groups again headed off to explore places of interest and many gathered together in the evening to share a final meal in Paris.

Rob Crothers

Goodbye Paris - Hello St Chamond

Paris - Day 2