Goodbye Paris - Hello St Chamond

It was with mixed emotions that we boarded the TGV (train) to travel at 300 kilometres per hour on our journey to Lyon two hours south of Paris. Whilst we were a little sad to be leaving Paris there was a sense of quiet anticipation about moving closer to the origins of Marcellin’s story and the associated quietness of the country. There was also an emerging sense of wanting to get on with the business for which we came.

All were impressed by the speed and comfort of the TGV which was a little at odds with the speed of our second train leg which was held up due to work on the track. We were advised that our journey would continue, “when the works are finished.”

Our new venue at La Brolliere is about 10 minutes out of St Chamond and sits up near the crest of a hill overlooking a valley containing a myriad of dwellings in true French country style. France is so picturesque! Following a quick lunch, Br Jim Jolley who is currently working in Geneva and had joined us, shared some of the work that he is involved with in relation to promoting the rights of children throughout the world.

We subsequently returned to St Chamond to participate in the Holy Thursday ceremony (celebrated in French) and met several of the Brothers from l’Hermitage.   A four-course supper ended another great day.

Rob Crothers

Rivet House

Paris - Day 3