Marian and Marist Prayers from Br Des Hornsby

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Salve Regina • Hail Holy Queen

Salve, Regina, Mater misericordiae;

vita, dulcedo, et spes nostra, salve.

Ad te clamamus, exsules filii Hevae,

ad te suspiramus gementes et flentes

in hac lacrimarum valle.

Eia, ergo advocata nostra,

illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converte;

et Jesum benedictum fructum ventris tui,

nobis post hoc exsilium ostende.

O clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo Maria.


Hail, holy Queen, Mother of Mercy.

Hail, our life, our sweetness, and our hope.

To you do we cry, poor banished children of Eve.

To you do we send up our sighs,

Mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.

Turn then, most gracious advocate,

Your eyes of mercy towards us.

And after this, our exile,

Show us the blessed fruit of your womb, Jesus.

O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.



Grant that I may praise you, Holy Virgin

R/- Give me strength against your enemies.

 Blessed be God in His Saints. Amen.


Let us pray


Almighty and Everlasting God,

by the working of the Holy Spirit,

you prepared a dwelling worthy of your Son

in the body and soul of blessed Mary,

the Virgin Mother;

grant, then,

that we who are happy to celebrate her memory may,

by her maternal intercession,

be freed from present ills and everlasting death.

We ask this in the name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Marial Greeting, Marist Calendar


Mary • Mother


Hail, our Queen and Mother blest!

Joy when all was sadness.

Life and hope you gave our race,

Mother of our gladness.


Pray for us, O Patroness,

Be our consolation!

Lead us home to see your Son,

Jesus, our salvation.


Gracious are you, full of grace,

Loving as none other,

Joy of heaven and joy of earth,

Mary, God's own mother.


Marist Calendar


Good Mother


Mary, Our Good Mother,

Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church,

walk with us now,

sharing our joys and sorrows,

our successes and failures.

In our daily living,

show us your Son, who lives in us.

Help us to listen to Him,

to act on His Word and do our part

in building the kingdom of justice and peace.

May we be all united

in the fullness of His Kingdom forever.


Marial Greeting • Marist Calendar


Mother of the Word


Mary, quick to hear the prompting of the Spirit,

you mother God into the world.


You listen to that Word alive in your heart,

in tradition and in the world.


Striving to be faithful, you respond to the call

to compassion ever fresh in your heart.


We are your family.

Take us by the hand this morning

and lead us into that Word alive in our day,

in our hearts and in our experience.


May we, too, follow the promptings

of the same Holy Spirit calling us

to brother God in the poor and neglected of our world.


Marial Greeting • Marist Calendar


Mary with humanity


To you,

Mother of the human family, and of the nations,

we confidently entrust the whole of humanity,

with its hopes.


Do not let it lack the light of true wisdom.

Guide its steps in the ways of peace.


Enable all to meet Christ,

the way and the truth and the life.


Sustain us, O Virgin Mary, on our journey of faith

and obtain for us the grace of eternal salvation.


O clement, O loving, O sweet Mother of God

and our Mother, Mary!


Marist Calendar


Through Mary to Jesus

Transliteration of the Salve Regina


Mother and Queen of God's people,

Daughter of Sion and humble servant of God,

With you, we rejoice to know Jesus Christ,

our Saviour;


With you, we shall praise him

and follow him always.


Walk with us now, O Mary, our Mother.

Teach us to live with hearts full of compassion,

And pray for us sinners.


Then, after this earthly journey is over

Show us your womb's blessed fruit, Jesus.

O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.


Marial Greeting • Marist Calendar


For Today


Mary, you found bliss

in God's endless, loving mercy

and you proclaimed in joyful song

the great Sun of Justice,

who would raise the lowly and feed the hungry.


May this new day, be for us, your children,

a celebration of the presence and power of God,

who continues to bring light from darkness,

harmony from chaos, and life from death.


Sing your song in our hearts, Mary,

throughout this day,

that we might be transformed

into the image of your firstborn Son,

Jesus our brother

and Lord.



Oceania Marist Calendar 2012




Creator God,

You invite us to open

the doors to our hearts.


May our Marist place be a

family of support gathered

around the same table,

where every life is respected.


May we create spaces where

all are welcomed and honoured.


May we help build bridges wherever

disagreement, disappointment, loss

or discouragement are to be found.


May we, like Jesus, work each day

towards building a better world.


Through Mary’s intercession

may the dream of Saint

Marcellin Champagnat come

to life - making Jesus Christ

known and loved among us.


Mary, our Good Mother

pray for us.

Saint Marcellin Champagnat,

pray for us.

Saint Mary of the Cross,

pray for us.

And let us always

remember to pray

for one another.


Marist Schools Australia

Champagnat Week 2011




Mary, our Mother,

your total giving of yourself

reminds us

that we hold in trust

from God our Father

all our accomplishments

and talents and gifts

- trusted as we are

to offer them in his service,

and bring happiness and well-being

to our brothers and sisters.


Your “Yes” to God’s invitation

to be the mother of his Son

reminds us

that prayer is not just words

but is from the heart.


We ask you to pray to Jesus for us

that the Holy Spirit

may live fully in us, too,

so that we may pray

in the way that each of us finds best


So may we be prepared to join you

in saying “Yes" to God our Father:

that Jesus may be born anew

in our hearts.



De La Salle Brothers’ website ‘Praying Each Day’


We pray together • Open 


God of joy and energy and vitality,

we give thanks for the gift of being together this day,

for the chance to share with each other

our dreams and hopes for Marist life in our part of the world.


Give us hearts open to your spirit,

hearts on fire with desire to serve

the young people of our land and beyond,

in whatever way we can.


We pray, too, in thanks for those

involved in reflecting on and planning our direction

as Australian Marists, Brothers and Companions.

May we honour those who work for us

in your name, O Lord,

with our enthusiasm and generosity

for making Jesus known and loved.


Adapted from: 2012 Regional Gatherings: Towards a new Province

Brothers and Marist Companions


The Visitation


Often. like Mary and her cousin, we live with not knowing

and yet we are aware that others support us …


In the morning it takes the mind a while

To find the world again, lost after dream

has taken the heart to the underworld

To play with the shades of lives not chosen.


She awakens a stranger in her own life,

Her breath loud in the room full of listening.

Taken without touch, her flesh feels the grief

Of belonging to what cannot be seen.


Soon she can no longer bear to be alone.

At dusk she takes the road into the hills.

An anxious moon doubles her among the stone.

A door opens, the older one's eyes fill


Two women locked in a story of birth.

Each mirrors the secret the other heard.


John O'Donohue in Conamara Blues, p.63


2012 Regional Gatherings: Towards a new Province Brothers and Marist Companions




Dawn of the new times,

l thank you because

you have always done

everything among us

and you continue doing it

down to today


I place myself confidently

in your hands

and abandon myself

to your tenderness.


l also entrust to you

each of the persons who,

like me, feel privileged

to bear your name.


l renew this day

my consecration to you

as well as my firm intention

to contribute to building a Church

which reflects your face.


You, source of our renewal,

accompany my fidelity;

as you accompanied

those who preceded us.


On the way to

the Marist bicentenary [Foundation: 2 January 1817]

l feel your presence next to me

and for that l give you thanks.



Circular to Marists, Brothers and Companions, Br Emili Turu, 

Superior General, 2012


Sub tuum praesidium


Sub tuum praesidium

Confugimus, confugimus.

Sancta Dei Genetrix.

Sancta Dei Genetrix.


1.Nostras deprecationes                                 

ne despicias, ne despicias,

in necessitatibus nostris.


Sum tuum .........


2.  Sed a periculis cunctis                   

libera nos semper,

Virgo gloriosa

et benedicta.        




We fly to your patronage

O holy Mother of God;

despise not our prayers in our necessities

but deliver us from all dangers

O ever glorious and blessed Virgin.


The Sub tuum praesidium is probably the oldest Christian prayer dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This prayer was long used in both Eastern and Western rites, even if numerous variants existed at the time. In 1917, the John Rylands Library in Manchester managed to acquire a large panel of Egyptian papyrus -- the exact area where they were discovered is unknown -- including an 18 cm by 9.4 cm fragment containing the text of this prayer in Greek.


Silence of Mary 


Holy Mary, Mother of God,

you who treasured all things and pondered them carefully

in your heart,

teach us that deep, interior silence

which enfolded you throughout your lifetime --


•        the silence of the Annunciation, of faith, mission and obedience;


•        the silence of the Visitation, of humility, service and praise;


•        the silence of Bethlehem, of birth, incarnation and wonder;


•        the silence of the flight into Egypt, of perseverance, hope and trust;


•        the silence of Nazareth, of simplicity, intimacy and communion;


•        the silence of Mt. Calvary, of courage, death and abandonment;


•        the silence of Easter, of resurrection, jubilation and glory;


•        the silence of Ascension, of fulfillment, transformation and new creation;


•        the silence of Pentecost, of peace, power and love.


Mary, in your wisdom, teach us that silence

which enables us to listen to the small, still voice of our God;

which compels us to worship Him alone in spirit and in truth;

which empowers us to acknowledge our nothingness

and exult confidently in our Savior;

which frees us to lose ourselves in unceasing adoration

of the God who is Infinite Love.


Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now and always,

that we may enter into that silence of yours

which unites us to Jesus,your Son,

in the mystery of His silence before the Father of mercies.



Submitted on March 19, 1996 by Alice Claire Mansfield, © May 1993


Mary and silence


O the Lord called on Mary in silence

As she listened for sounds in her heart;

In the quiet of her home He had found her alone

And the Spirit took form in its essence.


O, the Word gently grew in her presence

As she praised God and gave to his growth;

Then he went on his own, of the truth he'll be known,

And she pondered at depth in her silence.


There's a crowd gathered now on the hill;

United in heart she is watching;

As he breathes forth his last, she knows it's the will

Of a Father who's waiting in silence.


With Mary As Our Model


In the Footsteps of Marcellin Champagnat, p68


Like Mary of the Annunciation (Luke 1:26‑38),we are open to the movement of God in our lives, of God for whom nothing is impossible. Despite our doubts, fears and feelings of inadequacy, we accept in faith God's invitation to partici­pate in the work of spreading the Good News. In an age of independence, we make room for God.

Like Mary of the Visitation (Luke 1:39‑45), we go out from our communion with the Lord full of faith and hope. We go to meet young people in their places of need, offering them our love. In an age of individualism, we put others first.

Like Mary of the Magnificat (Luke 1:46‑55), we praise the Lord for the gift of life. In an age of concern over public morality, we side with the lowly.

Like Mary of Bethlehem (Luke 2:1‑20), we bring Jesus to birth in the hearts of others. We are ready to do so in the most unlikely and inhospitable of places. In an age of consumerism, we make do with simple comforts.

Like Mary of Nazareth (Luke 2:39‑52), we nurture, guide and care for the young, developing in them a knowledge and love of the God who is active in their lives, and a respect for all God has created. Like her, we accept them as they are even when we don't fully understand their decisions. In an age of self‑gratification, we give our love generously.

Like Mary of Cana (John 2:1‑11), we are sensitive to the needs of others. We invite the young to do whatever Jesus bids. In an age of self-centredness, we feel for others.

Like Mary of Calvary (John 19:25‑27), we recognise Jesus in the face of the broken and suffering, aching for them with a mother's heart and believing in them with a mother's passion. In an age in which hope struggles with despair, we stand by those who are dying or grieving.

Like Mary of the Cenacle (Acts 1:12 ‑ 2:4), we build community around us. In an age that is adrift spiritually, we bring the belief and vision of a new and Spirit‑filled Church.


Towards our Marist Bicentenary …


Mary, you are our companion along the way

and the main inspiration of our pilgrimage

towards our Marist Bicentenary.


Welcome into our hearts and homes today.

Your openness, faith and spontaneity touch our hearts

to be open in our turn to the Spirit,

the gift of your Son Jesus.


As Marists of Champagnat, Lay and Brothers,

we desire to change.


We look to you as model and companion

in living our vocation of following Christ,

with joy, sensitivity, love and energy

you brought to educating Jesus.


You gather us all and unite us across the world

into one international community

bearing your name,

a sign of communion to our Church and world.


When we contemplate you as woman filled with faith,

your spirit of intuition and initiative

impels us as it did Marcellin to be Good News

for poor children and young people

of our world today, in ‘new lands’.


In trust we pray, like Champagnat,

“lf the Lord does not build the house…”

and we say, “You have done everything for us”




With you, Mary, we go to the Father

in union with Jesus and in the Spirit of Love.



Calendar Oceania 2011 • p22


Marcellin’s Prayer to Mary


O Mary, Holy Virgin, my Sovereign Lady,

I place myself under your protection.


To you I commend the special care of my whole being

and throw myself with confidence on your mercy.


I consecrate and confide to your maternal care

my soul and body, this day, every day,

and at the hour of my death.


To you I commit all my hopes and consolations,

my distresses and miseries, my life and its end,

that through your most holy intercession

and your precious merits,

I may constantly perform my actions,

and dispose all things according to your will

and that of your Son.



Oceania Marist Calendar 2011 p9


Signed by the Spirit


God, creator and lover of the world,

we offer to you our lives,

our words and deeds,

our hopes and fears,

and our love for each other.

Accept us as we are and

make us what we shall be.


Mary, you image for us the perfection of the church.

You shine forth on earth,

until the day of the Almighty One shall come,

as a sign of sure hope and solace

for the pilgrim people of God

and for all your Marist sons and daughters.


By the power of the Spirit,

enable us to be a sign of your presence in the World

so that through us

others may come to consider the call to service.


We pray with Jesus, our Way, Truth and Life …. Amen


Oceania Marist Calendar 2011 • p 16


Prayer to the Holy Spirit


Lord, may we bear the fruits of your Spirit:


give us love, that boundless, healing energy that

transforms the world; (Pause)

give us joy, because no darkness or evil can overcome

you;      (Pause)

give us peace, to quieten our hearts, and to free us

from bitterness;   (Pause)

give us patience, to go on following you even when it is

hard; (Pause)


give us kindness, to reach out to our neighbour and to

the person who needs to be loved; (pause)

give us goodness, to give with a generous heart and

Without ulterior motive; (Pause)

give us faithfulness, to remain true to our

commitments (Pause)

give us gentleness, to respect the freedom and integrity

of others; (Pause)

give us self-control, to see our weaknesses and

overcome them in your strength. (Pause)

Lord, may we bear the fruits of your Spirit.

[Galatians 5:22-23]


Oceania Marist Calendar 2011 • p 17


Marist Litany


Mary, our good 'Mother, our Ordinary Resource,

you who did everything for our family,

be with us, good Mother, and bless our Institute.

Marcellin Champagnat, Our Founder,

the man in whom the Spirit inspired

the charism and mission of the Marist Brothers,

keep alive in us

your charism and your passion to make

Jesus known and loved among today's youth.


Brothers François, Alfano, Basilio and Brothers

who preceded us

on the road of love, fidelity and service,

intercede for us in our daily lives.


You, our martyred Brothers

in Oceania, China, Spain and Africa,

treasured members of our family,

help us to be faithful and to acquire

a limitless generosity.


All our former students who welcomed Christ

and witnessed to Him,

grant your special protection

to our current and former pupils.


All you parents who have entrusted us with your children

already blessed by your faith and your love,

pray that our educational and apostolic work

may always be paternal and maternal.


All you who worked with the Marist Brothers

because you were also attracted

to the charism of Father Champagnat,

allow many others to discover this charism

and to serve the Lord and youth with joy.


All you Marist Fathers, Sisters; Brothers,

lay and friends, already in heaven,

help us today to announce and glorify Jesus,

the Lord of history.


Mary • Gift of God

Source of this prayer not recorded


Leader:        Blessed be the name of the Lord forever. .

Response:   Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.


In celebrating the memory of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it is our special joy to echo her song of thanksgiving. What wonders you have worked throughout the world. All generations have shared the greatness of your love. When you looked on Mary, your lowly servant, you raised her to be the Mother of Jesus, your Son, Our Lord, the Saviour of humankind.

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.


You allowed no stain of Adam's sin to touch the Virgin Mary. Full of grace, she was to be a worthy mother of your Son, your sign of favour to the Church at its beginning. She is one who, like us, has searched, felt anxious, laughed and cried, did not understand everything, but put her faith in you.

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.


In Christ, the eternal truth, your promise to Israel came true. In Christ, the hope of all peoples, our hope was realised beyond all expectation. And it was through Mary's humble and faith‑filled "yes" that all this became possible.

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.


Jesus came to save us all by becoming human like us. The Virgin Mary, receiving the angel's message of faith, conceived by the power of the Spirit and bore your Son in purest love.

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.


The Virgin Mother of God was taken up into heaven to be the beginning and the pattern of the Church in its perfection, and a sign of hope and comfort for your people on their pilgrim way. She has been so highly favoured for it was she who gave birth to your Son, the Lord of all life, in the glory of the incarnation.

Blessed be the name of the Lord forever.

Leader:          Let us ask Mary, our Mother,

                     who pondered God's word in her heart,

                     to pray for us.

All:                 Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you .

                      blessed are you amongst women

                       and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.

                       Holy Mary. mother of God,

                       pray for us sinners,

                       now and at the hour of our death.  Anen


A Marist Prayer

adapted from the prayer before

the 21st General Chapter in ‘09


We praise you,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


You inspired Marcellin Champagnat

to labour for your Kingdom

and to make Jesus known and loved

in the circumstances of the people of his time,

especially the poor.

All:   We praise you,

         Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


You gave him Mary as his ordinary resource

and model of an unbounded “yes”

in responding to your call with courage and strong resolve.

All:   We praise you,

         Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


You bestowed upon the many generations

of brothers and companion men and women

the same zeal to work in bringing the Christ-life to birth

in this constantly changing world.

All:   We praise you,

         Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We give you thanks

for your abundant blessings on our Marist Institute

in the many aspects of its life and mission.

We are grateful that the Marist charism

has grown to be ever more relevant with the passage of time.

All:   We praise you,

         Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


We rejoice in the numerous men and women

who continue to share and keep alive

Marcellin’s dream of bringing young people closer to Jesus and Mary.

As modern-day Champagnats,

we recognize the challenges you set before us

in the realities of the world and of the young.

All:   We praise you,

         Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Endow us with the wisdom

to see clearly the way in which you are leading us

so that we may continue to be signs

of your loving presence today.

May we share in openness of mind andgenerosity of heart 

as we listen to the signs of our times.

 All: We praise you,

         Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


All:    Inspire us to truly discern your will for the Marist Institute

and its communities, Brothers and companions …


as we move in faith, hope and love

towardstwo hundred years of Marist presence,

creating in us new hearts for a new world.




Marist Family International Year

12th September 2009/2010

Marist Laity, Priests, Sisters, Brothers



Mary, Mother of Peace


1. Mary Mother, you brought your Son, Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace,
 into a world awash with worry and fear.
We think of nations and individuals facing conflict and war (add intentions).


Mary, Mother of Peace, help us so to focus on Jesus
that his peace will fill our hearts and overflow into the lives of others.


May we follow your example as we seek to bring Christ
and his peace to our world.

Mary, Mother of Peace, pray for us.


2. Mary, Mother of Peace, you are the Help of Christians. 
 You are an aid to us as we walk the way of your Son, Jesus Christ.
 As Star of the Sea, you offer us gentle light during our darkness,
and calm amidst the storms of daily life.

Following in your footsteps, we will not go astray;
 praying to you we will not fall into despair;
or thinking of you we will not err or fall.

With you as guide we will not grow weary;
 with you as protector, we will have no fear;
enjoying your favour we will reach the goal of being united now and forever
with your Son, the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.


3. O Mary, my Queen and Mother of Peace.
 I give to your sacred keeping and commend to your special care and protection
my body and soul for this day and for all the days of my life. 
To you I commit my hopes and consolations, my difficulties and sorrows,
my life and death, that through your intercession,
all my actions may be directed according to your will
and the will of your Son, the Prince of Peace.  Amen. 


Monthly/Daily/Optional Prayer Intentions


I pray for peace …

In my heart

In my family

For those troubled by mental illness

For the innocent in war zones

For the combatants in war zones

Between nations

Within our country

Between races and cultures

Between religions

In the Middle East

In African nations

In the Holy Land

In European nations

In the countries of the Americas

In Pacific countries

In Asian countries


The Marist Family




Lay Marists are part of a wider family - the Marist family,

The image of a tree with several branches dates back to its origins. The various tree branches belong to the Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Missionary Sisters, and the Laity.

The lay branch was always seen as equal, sharing the same spirit, the same mission - that of Mary, This, a revolutionary concept in its day, was never authentically lived out. Vatican II opened the way for activating an independent and equal partnership between lay and religious Marists.

Today, Marist Laity Australia is an expression of the original Marist founders' dreams. All the branches of the Marist Family live out the spirit of Mary through compassionate service to contemporary society.


Intercessions for

Around the same table – a place for all 

Prayers of the Marist Community


Loving God, it is with confidence that we place our prayers before you.

For the Leaders of the Church

Marcellin Champagnat was a strong and loyal leader of the Church. For Pope Benedict XVI and our Bishop N., for leaders of our Marist communities, and for all who have a pastoral ministry in the Church.  May they be strong and authentic leaders guided by the action of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Lord hear us …

All:     Lord hear our prayer.


For Marist Mission

Marcellin Champagnat recognised, cared for, and honoured those who were different from us or who were on the edge of society. May we grow as people who respect life and are committed to the building of a just society and a culture of solidarity. Lord hear us …

All:     Lord hear our prayer.


For the poor and those most in need

Marcellin Champagnat’s vision of mission was ‘to make Jesus Christ known and loved’. For the poor and young people in need who haven’t experienced love in their lives. May we consciously seek to understand, love, embrace and celebrate the unique beauty and dignity they all possess as children of God. Lord hear us …

All:     Lord hear our prayer.


For our call to Holiness

Marcellin Champagnat was a holy and grace-filled man who gave authentic witness to others by the way he lived his life. May we find in our lives the time and space for those who are alone, tired, hurting, sick or those whose sorrows seem to never cease. Lord hear us …

All:     Lord hear our prayer.


For trust in Mary’s care

Marcellin Champagnat entrusted his Brothers and their work to the special care of Mary, our ‘Good Mother’.  May our trust in Mary’s care, the first disciple, inspire us to mirror Mary's example of following her Son. Lord hear us …

All:     Lord hear our prayer.

For Marists throughout the World

Marcellin Champagnat dreamt of a Marist family that would be present in every diocese in the world. May Brothers and Lay Marists throughout the world continue to be fired with the Holy Spirit as they bring the Good News to the poor and those in need. Lord hear us …

All:     Lord hear our prayer.


For those who have joined the communion of saints

Marcellin Champagnat is a member of the communion of saints and hears our prayers this day. We ask him to join us in praying for those of our Marist family who have died this year … Lord hear us …

All:     Lord hear our prayer.


Father, hear the prayers of the family you have gathered here before you.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Monday, 6 June 2011




Our Father in Heaven,

You have revealed your new commandment of love

through your Only Begotten Son,

and shown us how to put it into practice

by the inspiring example of Saint Marcellin.


Grant us the grace to persevere

in loving all our brothers and sisters

as he did,

and to lead our world to the knowledge

of your goodness and truth in Jesus Christ,

who lives and reigns with You

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever


• • •


May the Lord bless us,

protect us from all evil

and bring us to everlasting life.






O most loving Virgin Mary,

that never was it known in any age,

that any one who fled to your protection,

implored your help,

or sought your intercession was abandoned.


Inspired with confidence, therefore, I fly to you,

O Virgin of virgins, my Mother. To you do I come,

before you I stand, sinful and sorrowful.


Do not, O mother of Jesus, despise my prayers,

but graciously hear and grant them.   Amen.


Sent on mission


We thank you, God, for all your gifts.

Give us faith and conviction

to meet the challenges of our world,

with inner peace in the face of

misunderstanding and difficulty,

and with courage to accept all that is painful

in our lives

so that we might bring love and compassion

to those with whom we live and work.


Mary, mother and model, from the beginning

we were given your name and taught to live your spirit.


Ordinary Resource and First Superior,

you inspire our ways of being and acting.

Be for us as you were for Champagnat -

a guiding, caring, ever-present mother.


We thank you for all who have followed Champagnat

in his commitment to education and the poor,

and for God’s love and concern which they reflect.


Bless them and theirs and those they serve,

wherever they are and whatever they do,

now and always.


Oceania Marist Calendar 2011 p15


  ‘…the palm of your hand’

God, we live in the certainty

that you have written our names

on the palm of your hand.

You knew and loved us

before anyone thought of us or spoke our name.


We cannot reach you alone

without being found by you.

Indeed, we are yours.


Mary, Virgin of the Magniiicat,

accompany us as we go to meet those

whose best hope is in God,

open our hearts, deepen our sensitivity,

help us to be your gentle and caring face

to children and to young people,

especially the most neglected.


God, accept our following in Mary’s footsteps

of being hidden and unknown in the world

so that in us the face of Jesus

may be manifest to your people.



Oceania Marist Calendar 2011 p14


Prière à Saint Marcellin Champagnat

Saint Marcellin Champagnat,

en toi l’Esprit de Dieu a fait des merveilles.

Nous te bénissons !

Aujourd’hui encore tu nous invitesà

« suivre le Christ, comme Marie,

dans sa vie d’amour pour le Père et pour les hommes ».

Homme de foi,

tu t’es appuyé sur Dieu comme sur un Rocher,

apprends-nous la confiance qui donne paix et audace.

Serviteur de Marie,

tu l’as prise en tout pour mère et modèle,

apprends-nous à imiter son humilité,

sa simplicité et sa disponibilité.

Frère parmi tes frères,

artisan de communion fraternelle,

apprends-nous l’esprit de famille

qui offre le signe de la joie et de l’unité.

Cœur sans frontières,

ouvert à tous, surtout aux plus défavorisés,

apprends-nous le service désintéressé qui encourage.


Auteur: frère Robert Thunus

le site des Frères Maristes de Habay[Belgium] 



Saint Marcellin Champagnat,

the Spirit of God has worked wondrous things within you.

May you be a blessing for us!


In our times you still call us

“to follow Christ as Mary did,

in loving God our Father

and our brothers and sisters.”


Man of faith, you have relied on God as your rock,

teach us the same trust

which brings peace and boldness.


Servant of our Blessed Mother, Mary,

you have taken her as your mother and model,

teach us to live with her humility, her simplicity and her openness.


Brother among brothers,

builder of fraternal togetherness,

teach us that family spirit,

which offers joy and unity to all.


Yours was a heart that knew no bounds,

open to all,

especially those less favoured,

teach us that selfless service

which invigorates others.


We pray with Jesus the Lord and the Spirit …


Translated: Br Des Hornsby, 2012


Prière de la Famille Mariste

Saint Marcellin Champagnat,

tu as créé une communauté de Frères

pour l’éducation des jeunes,

surtout des plus défavorisés.


Tu as voulu annoncer partout l’Evangile

parce que tous les diocèses du mondeentraient dans tes vues.


Avec Marie, notre Bonne Mère,

intercède auprès de Dieupour qu’il nous bénisse,

nous, nos communautés, nos familles :

afin que nous puissions

accueillir sa volonté d’amour sur nos vies,

nos travaux et nos soucis,

et ainsi poursuivre ta missionavec un cœur sans frontières.



Auteur: frère Robert Thunus

le site des Frères Maristes de Habay[Belgium]


Marist Family Prayer

Saint Marcellin Champagnat,

you have formed

a community of Brothers

for the education of the young,

especially those who are least favoured.


You wanted to proclaim the Good News of Jesus everywhere

because every diocese in the world was in your vision.


With Mary, our Good Mother,

in the presence of God,

intercede so that the Lord will bless us,

our communities, our families:

may we welcome God’s love into our lives,

our works, our concerns,

to continue your mission

with hearts that have no bounds.


With you, Marcellin, we bring our prayer brfore the Lord …


Translated: Br Des Hornsby, 2012



6 JUNE • Catholic College Bendigo



A Passion for Christ and a Passion for Humanity

'I give you a new commandment:

love one another.

Just as / have loved you,

you also should love one another.

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples,

if you have love for one another.' (Jn 13:34f)


God, you have revealed to us

the new commandment of perfect love,

and in St Marcellin Champagnat

you have given us

a great example of this love in action.


We follow his example and are one in solidarity

with those who live in danger and struggle.

Whether near or far, we share their anguish

and their hope.


Through our passion for humanity

may we support,

encourage and love each other

as brothers and sisters,

and fired with a passion for Jesus

may we be a witness

of this love and truth to our world.


So this is the commandment

that we have been given:

those who love God

must love their brothers

and sisters also.


Mary, our Good Mother.   Pray for us.

St Marcellin Champagnat. Pray for us.