Visiting Guatemala: Monday, April 12

What a day. Our Pilgrimage reached its apex with our visits to two Marist schools in Guatemala City and a visit to the Hermanistas.

It was interesting to watch the inner and somewhat dormant teacher in us all come to life at the two schools we visited. We had the chance to mingle with students and staff and learn about the challenges and triumphs of Marist education here in Guatemala. The students were pleased and proud to practise their English skills with us and we were made to feel very welcome.

We heard the story of Br Moises, a Principal who was murdered at his school in reaction to his education ministry and his efforts to feed the poor in his community. To stand in his office where he had his life taken was to sombrely reflect on the challenges faced by all in this country, particularly those in religious life.

Our day finished with quite an amazing afternoon in the company of the Herministas. This very small group of Nuns have formed in the poorest of areas in Guatemala City and are dedicated to following the charism of Marcellin Champagnat. They spoke of their call, their mission and their work. These extraordinary women are embodying the vision of Champagnat in the purest way imaginable. They work with children in an area where the poverty is extreme and the need is at its greatest. As Pilgrims, we were all moved and galvanised in a powerful way.  Each of us left this group of inspiring women trying to capture something of what we had felt and imagining ways in which we can take this back to our own schools.   

Shane Reid

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