Marist Charism and Educational Principles

The Marist Brothers have decided to establish a distance learning course offered by the Pontifical University of Curitiba to prepare specialists in the Marist Charism and Educational Principles.  The course comprises 420 hours, with a total of 30 credits, distributed as follows:

Discipline                                                             Hours            Credits                     Professor

The origins of the Marist pedagogical tradition:              

vision, mission and educational principles of

the Founder and his disciples                                  60                   4                   Dr André Lanfrey

The Marist pedagogical tradition and its          

historical development: vision, mission

and educational principles.                                       60                   4                  Dr. Juan Jesús Moral Barrio

The vitality of the educational model

and the construction of a new reality                       60                 4                    Dr Michael Green

Human-Christian Paradigm: perspectives

and challenges for the Church                                   60                 4                   Dr. Ricardo Tescarolo

Perspectives and challenges for society                  

in the 21st century                                                      60                 4                    Dr Toni Torrelles

The vocation of the Marist educator                        60                 4                    Dr. Seán Sammon

Ethics                                                                            15                  1                    Dr. Mario Sánchez

Methodology of Scientific Investigation                  15                  1                    Dr. Adalgisa

Monography                                                                                      2                   Dr. Adalgisa

Time at the Hermitage                                                30                 2

TOTAL:                                                                        420                30

All the subjects are obligatory. The only optional item is the gathering at the Hermitage, that can be organized according to the needs of the Provinces or of the interprovincial groups. The students who do the course and then go to the Hermitage will be able to add 2 more credits to their curriculum.

For its proper functioning, the course will count on the collaboration of Tutor Teachers, whose activity will consist of guiding students throughout this whole training process.

Timetable for the Postgraduate/ Specialization Course in Charism and Marist Educational Principles.


Sep – Oct                                                       Origins of Marist Pedagogical Tradition

Nov – Dec                                                       Historical Development of the Tradition             

Jan – Feb                                                       The Vitality of the Educational Model

Mar – Apr                                                      The Human-christian Paradigm

May – Jun                                                      The Vocation of the Marist educator                                            


Jul – Aug                                                       Challenges in the society

Sep – Oct                                                       Ethics

Nov – Dec                                                       Methodology of Investigation                    

Jan – Feb                                                       The Marist Experience in Hermitage

Mar - Apr        Evaluation                                Exams

May – Jun      Final Paper Assignment           Research Paper - Dissertation

The above-mentioned dates have been proposed by Brother Joaquim Sperandio, the Provincial at the Province South-Central Brazil. Such dates are a prospective prediction which considers that the beginning of the course is to take place in August 2013. However, considering the complexity of the works to be carried out beforehand, which include the translation of the books and the subsequent production of teaching materials, it is not yet possible to nominate a definite date. The purpose of this timetable is to estalish a parameter, so that the production of textbooks and additional pedagogical material is feasible. Such material can be reshaped later on, according to the necessities of the course.  Coordinator of the Course is Br Antonio Martinez Estaum pictured below holding the newly completed documentation.

Br Antonio Martinez Estaum.jpg
Gier at House.jpg