The Hermitage, St Chamond, France

The Hermitage is located near Lyons in the south of France.  Built by Marcellin Champagnat and his first Brothers, the Brothers first moved from La Valla to the Hermitage in 1824. It claims great significance for Marists today.  If you are travelling from Paris, we suggest you travel by underground train to Paris Gare de Lyon. Then you can get on the TGV at this station and travel south to Lyon Part Dieu, a journey that takes about two hours.  Once in Lyons, change trains at Lyon Part Dieu for the train to St Chamond.  The trip to St Chamond takes about forty minutes.   From St Chamond there is a bus, that runs about every hour to the Hermitage.  Alternatively you can get a taxi.


  • The Hermitage

  • Accueil ND de l'Hermitage 3

  • B.P. 9

  • 42405 Saint-Chamond Cedex

  • France

  • Tel: (33) 4 77 22 10 56 (Reception)

  • Fax: (33) 4 77 22 00 88

  • Email: or

  • Website:


Contact People:

  • Br Xavier Bacelo, a Spanish Marist Brother currently working from the Hermitage Email: or

  • Br Allen Decastro, an English speaking Brother from the Philippines. His email address is (updated 20th June, 2014).

  • Br Georges Palandre, an English speaking French Brother who used to work at the Hermitage. Email: palandreg@yahoo. Br Neville Solomon, an Australian Marist Brother who, until recently, worked at the Hermitage: For travel information, you may wish to contact Mr Roger French, a recent Australian visitor. He wrote the following about his recent visit: 'To walk the mountain path, experience the beautiful countryside, feel the cliff, visit the resting place of hundreds of Brothers, eat an apple from a tree planted by Marcellin and to see the water from the rock was amazing ... We saw the wonderful display of Marcellin's habit and clothes, religious books & icons, work boots, tools, etc. in glass cabinets. We visited the room where Marcellin slept, worked and (sadly) passed away from sheer exhaustion' (9th November, 2013).

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