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On Tuesday morning we arose bright and early, ready to set off to Rome for the next part of our Pilgrimage. We arrived at Lyon in plenty of time for our flight to London, where we would then catch another flight from London to Rome.

Excitedly, we boarded the plane and, excited by what was to come in Rome, we awaited take off. After 30 minutes on the tarmac, we realized that something wasn’t going quite as planned. It was then that we heard an announcement, stating that a minor technical hitch with the aircraft meant at least another 45 minutes delay to our journey.

On Thursday evening, 8th of April our Pilgrimage group was privileged to meet with the Superior General of the Marist Brothers, Br Emili Turu fms and the Vicar General, Br Joe McKee fms.

I was expecting to hear Br Emili speak about his role and that of the Marist Brothers in our world today. Instead, Br Emili, in typical Marist fashion, was more interested in our role as Marist Educators as well as our experiences on this Pilgrimage. He was also interested in our comments regarding the General Chapter. This approach again highlighted for me the commitment of the Marist Brothers to the continued strengthening of Marist/lay partnership. Most poignantly, when Br Emili was asked later in our meeting about what he believed the role of lay Marist to be he said the following…