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Here we have a photograph of the Pilgrims who visited the Hermitage in France in April 2010 as part of our Champagnat Pilgrimage. You can see we are standing near the Gier River, not far from the front entrance to the Hermitage, sharing our Good Friday liturgy together. It was a memorable experience.

The final pilgrim"s meeting taking place in LA Airport USA

The final meeting for the Pilgrims took place in LA Airport shortly before boarding the plane for Melbourne. It was a great opportunity to tie everything together and to round off an exceptional three weeks. John thanked and congratulated the Pilgrims on the manner in which they had entered into the whole experience, the sense of togetherness and community that had developed, the personal care shown to all (especially when a number became sick in the last few days), the manner in which everyone accepted each other irrespective of their different personalities and for the manner in which the Pilgrims allowed John and Marie to lead them. John also thanked Marie for the personal care that she showed to all and for picking up all of the left over pieces.