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We have found a land of incongruous contrast in Guatemala. The vivid colours and beauty of the plants and mountains juxtapose with the myriad of armed security guards, barred windows and razor wire that encase almost every building in Guatemala City. We sleep at night behind high walls, iron gates and supported by a security guard.


Buenes Dias!

Early to rise Pilgrims had a scrumptious breakfast with a large number of other tourists in this ‘soft tourist’ destination. We walked the few steps to the markets and spent two hours weaving our way from one stall to another – what a magical tapestry of colours and smells! The crowds of early morning locals were clearly of Mayan descent and the tallest reached only to our shoulders. All Pilgrims, no matter how far scattered among the stalls, found their way to the Church which rose above the market-place. The strong smell of incense and the sound of bells were irresistible and some Pilgrims joined the Sunday service with the locals – but no-one lasted the three hour Mass.