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I have returned to Bangkok on my way to Rome this evening. I sense Buddhism makes a big impact on the culture of Bangkok. Last evening I walked down the street to see young people praying on the street corner, while dancers moved gently to the sound of the accompanying music. In the nearby Buddhist temple, middle aged men sat lotus style in meditation, undistracted by the many people passing by.

Thai ShopTribute to the QueenBangkok Traffic Sign

Bankok Airways provided excellent service in flying us from Bangkok to Phnom Penh.  Phnom Penh has a population of 1 million people. In Cambodia there are 14 million. Br Terry Heinrich kindly met me at the airport and then drove me to La Valla School. 

Cambodia is 97% Buddhist with Catholics and Muslims among the rest. The Catholic Church came to Cambodia in the 1500s.  The French have been instrumental in nurturing Catholicism. Priests come mainly from other countries.