Year of Mercy

On Monday 1st February, 2016, a number of us Marists were privileged to attend a day sponsored by the La Salle Academy for Faith Formation and Religious Education of the Australian Catholic University on the topic of ‘Mercy'. The day was led by scripture scholar Sr Veronica Lawson RSM.

The Art of Presenting

When invited to make a presentation to a meeting or other gathering, what is the best approach to adopt?  How should one prepare?  I am asking these questions at the moment as I get ready to lead a number of gatherings on leadership over the next couple of months.

Create, Learn, Engage, Administer and Review

When we think about Marcellin Champagnat we can think of him in the context of the French culture of his day. Then we must necessarily relocate ourselves back into our own time - the here and now - to gain benefit from our reflection on Marcellin in his time.  I would like to suggest five activities that apply to our lives as Marists on mission which incorporate the spirit of Marcellin conveyed to us from his time.  The acronym is CLEAR.

Discovering Leadership

Leadership proved to be an energising topic as 12 newly appointed staff lead learners at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College and I gathered at the Traeger campus on the 3rd and 4th March, 2015 for our Emerging Leaders' Seminar. Fortunately the College's air conditioning was working well as Alice Springs turned on two nearly 40° days for our time together.

Every two years the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education (#MINIHE) holds a one week meeting for its representatives.  This year hosting the VI meeting is the Notre Dame of Marbel University in the city of Koronadal in the Philippines.  Over twenty participants from across the Marist world are attending including Br David Hall and me from Australia.

The love of God is inspiring.  I find it hard to fathom the depths with which God loves us and the fact that God loves us the way we are!  It amazes me just how God can be with us as life unfolds.  On any particular day, we have intentions about what we are planning to do, or with whom we are intending to speak.  Sometimes our day looks quite different in the morning to what it turns out to be in reality. God is flexible!

We recently continued our series of reflections on the characteristics of Marist Education, this time considering Marist Presence. The six of us who assembled at Marcellin College Bulleen saw presence as one of our very alive characteristics and central to the way Marists relate.

The five characteristics of Marist Education described in the 1998 text In the Footsteps are now well accepted and understood.  A recent call from some staff in Marist schools has sought the opportunity to reflect together on a subject being called 'Deepening the Characteristics'.  You might ask, what does such a 'deepening' process involve.