Dining out in RomeTaking in the atmosphere of the Spanish StepsAfter a reasonably early (but slightly slow) bus trip from La Brolliere to Lyon, we boarded our plane to fly the first leg of our journey from Lyon to London to Rome. Unfortunately, (but fortunately from a safety perspective) as we taxied out for the take-off, a technical problem with the aircraft was discovered which resulted in a substantial delay to our departure. The knock on effect was that we missed our connecting flight to Rome and were required to spend the night in London at the Renaissance Hotel as guests of British Airways.

The only way that we could get the group to Rome the following day was via four separate flights about two hours apart with the first leaving at around 7:00am. We were all well aware that Marcellin had to deal with many challenges in his life and in true pilgrim style we changed our mindset and got on with the task.

The bonding of this group became evident again in the support and care demonstrated in each of the small groups and in the joy expressed in being together again as many shared an Italian meal in the alfresco setting of the streets of Rome and photographed each other tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain.


In Rome with the Superior General & the Vicar General

Images from Champagnat Country